About Us

GetAlpha Fitness is boutique gym providing clients with the opportunity to reach their fitness goals and enjoy their training. It is also a place that welcomes free-lance trainers to train their clients as they see fit. We are located in the heart of Aurora and welcome anyone who is looking for an intense, fun and unique experience.

The team at GetAlpha Fitness was created to fill a gap they have seen in other fitness locations, available to trainers and committed individuals who want to be part of an active community and lifestyle.

From the selection of workout machines to skilled fitness experts and personalized training plans, GetAlpha Fitness is a non-intimidating, boutique gym without all the unnecessary frills and intimidation tactics utilized by global enterprises. GetAlpha Fitness offers a supportive experience and welcomes new clients who enjoy training and want to get serious about achieving their goals.

The gym occupies a two story, 3,200 foot storefront. The facility has one primary equipment room, an upper floor private training room and two changing rooms.

Our Story: How GetAlpha Fitness Started

From an early age, I was passionate about being active and helping others. One of my first jobs was working at a “global” gym. Here, I was able to hone my coaching skills, knowledge and expertise on becoming a great trainer.

Eventually, I found working at a “global” gym became too corporate, and I wasn’t truly happy because I wasn’t able to connect with my clients the way I wanted. Over a period of time, I found that I had lost the purpose of why I started as a personal trainer, which was to inspire and motivate others to transform their lives.

It came to me while I trained, or when I had an obstacle to overcome I needed to work through it. I would tell myself “GetAlpha!!” This frame of mind is about challenging yourself to be the best version of yourself, no matter what lies ahead. Sometimes, that ‘need’ means a good ‘kick in the butt’ and being there to say “you got this!” We are here to ensure you’re building skills and knowledge now and also for the future.

What I want for our clients/ “pack” is simple… not to feel like a number, to help you get stronger, feel better, find a life balance and more importantly, to Get Alpha!

Your Pack Leader,


Phone: 1-416-722-7141
218 Earl Stewart Drive, Unit 5, Aurora, ON L4G 6V7